Little Masterpieces

All kids love to draw. It is a window into their growing minds. They draw to keep themselves busy, to express themselves and just for fun. I know being a mum of 3 gorgeous boys, I loved getting pictures. I couldn’t wait to see what they did at school or in art class. I cherished that special gift when my boys enthusiastically shared their art with me. Every picture told a story about them –  their choice of colour, their favourite things, their hopes and how they saw the world.
Before you know it, time passes and your kids’ art collection grows larger and larger. It simply becomes impossible to keep all of it. My fridge door was only so big and inevitably the art had to be stored or thrown away.
As time passes the pencils turn into play-stations, the love of drawing into the next high tech craze and before you know it your kids are grown up.
Yet the endearment of that innocent artwork remains as special as the moment they drew that picture and shared with pride their latest masterpiece. I wish I held onto more of those pictures. They are from a special time in my children’s lives and always bring a smile to my face.
I revel in sharing every phase of my kids’ lives. There is something special about their youth. Their innocence expressed in a simple picture I can look at forever.
My passion is to preserve that art, that wonderful window of innocence and excitement you can enjoy with your children and family. A priceless heirloom of something we all have and lose far too quickly.
Dandelion Concepts AU
Nicky Kaplan