Charity Gala Dinner Event for Alex Noble

It has been announced that a Charity Gala Dinner Event on Friday 14 June is being organised to help raise funds for Alex Noble (son of Macquarie veteran Glen Noble), who was tragically injured playing rugby late last year. Alex is now facing life as a quadriplegic and will have ongoing medical bills in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Alex Noble, a year 10 student from Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview, had his life changed forever when he injured his spinal cord in a training session in October.

He was left with no feeling below his upper chest or below his elbows.

Yet in the face of adversity, the 16-year-old is putting up a brave fight – opting for a manual wheelchair instead of electric to stay strong for a trial offering hope to quadriplegics.

His family has since started a campaign called “I fight, You fight” after his dreams were snatched away from him following what seemed like an innocuous rugby tackle six weeks ago.

“It was shattering. Absolutely,” his mother Kylie Noble said of the incident which occurred while he trained with the under-16 NSW Rugby Sevens youth selection squad.

“And then you just stop and go, ‘What?!’. Like … ‘What’s happening?’ You hope it’s not real. But you know he’s amazing. He is amazing.”

Still prominent in his memory, Alex recalled the exact moment that left him paralysed.

“I remember getting tackled, landing on my head, doing a front flip onto my head,” he said.

“I was lying and then I saw my arms and legs just lying on the floor and I was just shocked … didn’t really think about anything, [I was] just shocked.”

His father, Glen Noble, described it as the “toughest day of my life”.

Following painstaking surgery that lasted six hours, Alex’s neck is now held together by wires, screws and hope.

“Positive attitude … gets me through the gym and all that. It’s good,” Alex said.

With a long road to recovery, Alex sees his close peers as a driving force going forward.

“Nothing different, to be honest. He’s still my best friend. That’s all that matters really,” Alex’s best friend Jayden said.

Ms Noble revealed his friends are by his side for hours on end, helping with simple day-to-day tasks such as combing his hair.

(source Yahoo News December 2018)

Macquarie Telecom has generously agreed to cover the cost of the event, meaning all donations raised will go directly in to Alex’s Trust for his rehabilitation.

Alex and his two brothers currently attend St Ignatius Riverview, although Alex has been in rehab for the past few months, and only last week had his first 2 hours back in the school grounds.

The event details:

Friday 14 June

7pm – 11pm

Hyatt Regency, Darling Harbour

Friends, Family, Companies, and General Public all welcome

Min 200 pax (20 tables) Max 400 pax (40 tables)

Huge range of corporate clients as well as individuals

Media presence

To purchase tickets or donate to Alex’s GoFundMe page: Visit